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What are some cool ways programmers customize their laptops?

What are some cool ways programmers customize their laptops?
Hardware customizations:
  • Replaced the standard 4 GB with 16GB DDR3 ram ( 1333 MHz)
  • Replaced the original harddisk with a Samsung Evo SSD ( 120 GB )
  • Used a CD Drive caddy to house the original harddisk as my secondary storage.
Operating System
Running Ubuntu 14.04
  • Disabled the unity dash and instead using Docky
  • Customized conky configuration for the system monitoring
  • Using 8 virtual desktops
  • Gnome terminal and terminator for terminals (Using tmux for terminal multiplexing)
  • Tilda for drop down terminal from any desktop (Configured for F10 key )
  • Synapase for finding applications and files faster( its truly fast ). I have configured it be brought up on Ctrl+Space combination. Never uses the unity dash as I find synapse much faster and smooth.
  • F.lux for ambient lighting ( controls the screen temperature based on the time of the day to make it easier on the eyes :) )
  • Using WPS suite for office productivity ( Spreadsheets, presentation and writer ) which a real good replacement for Microsoft office and is very close to the counterpart in functionality and look and feel.
  • Intellij IDE for Java Spring (Theme used is Darcula. I like to use dark theme as it is smooth for the eyes )
  • Android ADT for android development
  • Sublime / Atom for PHP or Python ( I prefer the solarized dark theme for sublime )
I have received many requests from different people asking to share the details of how the setup is done.
Please find the below blog post explaining the step by step process of my customization.
Customizing Ubuntu system