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Signal introduced the Video call feature. Apple

Signal introduced the Video call feature in public beta release

Signal is considered the most secure instant messaging app, searching for it on the Internet it is possible to read the Edward Snowden’ testimony:
“Use anything by Open Whisper Systems” Snowden says.
The Cryptographer and Professor at Johns Hopkins University Matt Green and the popular security expert Bruce Schneier are other two admirers of the Signal app
News of the day is that the Signal app released video calling feature on Tuesday for both Android and iOS.
The new feature will allow Signal users to make face-to-face through video calling with a specific focus on security.
The Signal video calling feature implements the support for CallKit on iOS 10 devices, a recently introduced framework that lets users’ VoIP app integrate tightly with the native Phone UI.

The Callkit in iOS 10 allows Signal users to answer calls just like regular calls, but there are some specific privacy issues that must be carefully considered.
“CallKit offers a native calling experience to VoIP apps like Signal. As well as being able to answer calls directly from your lock screen, you’ll also see Signal calls in the system’s “Recent Calls” list. This is because iOS treats CallKit calls like any other call, however that also means some information will be synced to iCloud if enabled. This information includes who you called and how long you talked.” wrote Moxie Marlinspike.
CallKit could be disabled by Signal iOS users to enhance the privacy.
The Signal’s video calling feature is still in beta, in order to make a video call both users will have to enable the feature.
If you wan to try the new feature go into your Signal settings and enable ‘Video calling beta’ under ‘Advanced.’
“If you decide that’s not for you, you can opt-out of the CallKit features at any time in Settings > Advanced > Use CallKit, while continuing to use the rest of the new calling system.” continues Moxie Marlinspike. 


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