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Trump’s personal phone

Senators want more info on Trump’s personal phone and its defense

Recently security experts warned of the risk of cyber attacks on Trump’s personal phone that may be open to hackers.The news of Trump’s use of an Android smartphone was first reported by The New York Times.
The American President Trump is still using his personal insecure Android smartphone and at the end of January, the researcher who goes online with moniker @WauchulaGhost reported his Twitter account is exposed to the risk of hack due to security misconfigurations.
The official @POTUS Twitter account was linked to a private Gmail account owned by President Trump.
News of the day is that two senators have written to the U.S. Department of Defense requesting more info about the fact that President Donald Trump may still be using an unsecured Android phone.
“We write today regarding the security concerns stemming from President Donald Trump’s reported use of his personal, unofficial, smartphone. Public reports originally indicated that President Trump began using a “secure, encrypted device approved by the U.S. Secret Service” prior to taking office. Subsequent reports, however, suggest that President Trump may still be using his personal smartphone, an “old, unsecured Android phone.“” reads the letter sent by Tom Carper, a Democrat from Delaware, and Claire McCaskill, a Democrat from Missouri.
“While it is important for the President to have the ability to communicate electronically, it is equally important that he does so in a manner that is secure and that ensures the preservation of presidential records,” 
Senators fear that nation-state actors could hack into the Trump’s personal phone and could access sensitive information.
“These reports are very troubling because security risks associated with the use of an unsecured phone include hackers’ ability to access the device to turn on audio recording and camera features, as well as engaging surveillance tools that allow location and other information tracking features” continues the letter.
Attackers can exploit security flaws in Trump’s personal phone to spy on its communication, for this reason, the national security agencies discourage the use of personal mobile devices.
“DoD policies, operational constructs, and security vulnerabilities currently prevent the adoption of devices that are unapproved and procured outside of official government acquisition.” reads the Department of Defense’s 2013 Commercial Mobile Device Implementation Plan cited by the senators in the letter.

The senators’ request for a written response on what kind of device President Trump is using for its communication, they desire to have more information about the initiative of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to protect Presidential communications.
They want to know if the DoD agency has written specific policies and procedures to mitigate the risks related to the use of the Trump’s personal phone.