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What are 10 things non-gamers always get wrong about gamers?

Ooooh, this is gon’ be good.
  1. Gamers live in their parents’ basement. (We subsist on Mountain Dew and Cheetos. Don’t forget about those beautiful neckbeards!)

2. Gamers are fat and lazy. (See above.)

3. Gamers are anti-social. (Why can’t I have a Ventrilo for real life?)
4. Gamers are men. (Girls don’t exist on the internet!)
5. Gamers are sexist. (Although Gamergate really did not help.)
6. Gamers are elitist. (No fake gamer girls allowed!)
7. Games are for kids. (Ugh, why don’t you grow up and do grown up things, like sitting on the couch for 4 hours watching TV instead!)
8. Gamers are all virgins who will never know the touch of a woman’s breasts. (Thank god for PornHub!)
9. Gamers can’t separate game life from real life. (Obviously, because I run around sprinkling people with grass trying to restore their wounds!)
10. Gamers are incapable of being responsible. (We are man-children, remember?)