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What's a good online source for learning network security?

There are lot of free and paid resources available online for learning network security and here is my full compilation of resources for learning and mastering network security.


1. Youtube:
There are many good sources of practical hands-on information on network security concepts, products and best practices on youtube channels and here are my top favourite channels that I follow related to network security.
DEFCON videos:
Google Cyber Security:
Eli the Computer Guy
SANS Institute
Cisco Systems
Cisco Training Videos
Intel Security-Mcafee
2. Network Security blogs:
You can check out the below various interesting industry trends, latest security breaches, zero-day threats, product overviews, procedures, etc focused on network security.
I have broken this down into great industry influencer’s blogs, product company’s blogs or individual’s security blogs.
Industry Influencer’s security blogs (that covers a lot about other aspects of security too):
1.  Krebs on Security - Krebs on Security
2.  Bruce Scheneir’s blog- Schneier on Security(although he’s not been active lately)
3.  Richard Bejtlich blog- Chief Security Strategist, FireEye- TaoSecurity 
4.  Dave Shackleford- Founder of Voodoo Security blog- ShackF00 
Product company blogs on Network Security topics:
5.  Redseal Security blog-  I have used this network security product for few years and this is a great place to dig useful network security best practices and ideas- http://blog.redsealnetworks.com/
6.  Tenable Network Security blog- http://www.tenable.com/blog
7.  Whitehat Security blog- https://blog.whitehatsec.com
8.  Solutionary Minds blog- http://www.solutionary.com/resource-center/blog/
9.  Sophos Network Security blog- https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/ 
10. Cisco Security blog- http://blogs.cisco.com/security/

Other Security blogs:
11.    Network Security blog- http://www.mckeay.net/ 
12.   SANS security blogs- 
13.  CSO Online blogs- http://www.csoonline.com/blogs
14.   Security bloggers network http://www.securitybloggersnetwork.com
15.   Threatpost blog- https://threatpost.com/
16.   Infosec Island blog- http://infosecisland.com/blogs.html
17.   Uncommon sense of security - http://blog.uncommonsensesecurity.com/
In my experience, these blogs won’t be much useful to beginners if you are jumping onto the network security track right after college. Ensure that you take adequate training backed by online labs and real-life experience to fully understand and appreciate all the network security research work.

3. Paid Training:
There are also very good resources that are not free and you have to register and purchase these.
1.  Lot of Network Security related self study courses- 
For Network Security, I highly recommend SEC502- Perimeter protection in-depth http://www.sans.org/event/network-security-2014/course/perimeter-protection-in-depth. All the SANS courses are quite expensive but if you have the means to take it, you will gain a strong foothold of understanding the layered defenses, network security concepts from both attacker and defender perspective.
2.  Stanford CS-152- Computer and Network Security – 
(I know few of my friends had so much praise after taking this course and found this to be really valuable) http://scpd.stanford.edu/search/publicCourseSearchDetails.do?method=load&courseId=11729
3.  Coursera network security courses taught by Stanford professors- https://www.coursera.org/course/security
4.  If you are looking to pursue network security degree online, the Masters in Information Assurance program from “Norwich University” and “George Washington University” are getting popular who wants to study full fledged masters program. However, these covers very extensive security disciplines outside of network security as well.