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Cybersecurity Executive Order Recommendation issued by ISC2

The nonprofit organization (ISC)² has issued a recommendation calling President Trump to develop workforce as a priority when he issued the final version of the cybersecurity executive order. The main goal is to tackle the lack of professionals and to address a variety of uncertainty across the industry.
Industry leaders and government agencies in a move aimed to counter the hiring freeze executive order that has limited the investments in cybersecurity developed the recommendations.
The lack of new cybersecurity professionals and talents across the industry is not compatible with senior professionals leaving the market for retirement.
The actual emerging threat landscape of new menaces and the progresses already done in the cyber security field were taken into account as well as the human resource personnel on incentivizing jobs acquisition, hiring, and retention.
Other recommendations include the development of communicator to translate technical risks to board members, retention of talents and a new approach based on NIST for compliance based on resilience.

The recommendation takes into account the recent data breaches and new threats as ransomware and IoT. It underlines that security does not reside in Compliance but in an in-depth defense and an understanding of the board members of the risks related to lack of personnel and understanding about new technologies.
The recommendations come in the period of President Trump first 100 days in office, in such way that the executive orders can address all the topics and furthermore prepare the nation for the future. The formation of a Cyber National Guard (ISC)² urged the White House to address to help scientific, technological, engineering and math graduates to reimburse student loans if they accept work for federal agencies.