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CrowdStrike presented the fastest and largest cybersecurity search engine

Security firm CrowdStrike, the leader in cloud-delivered endpoint protection, announced a significant improvement of its Falcon platform that has been integrated with a powerful cybersecurity search engine.
According to the company the cybersecurity search engine has high performance, it claims it is more than 250 times faster than other malware search tools.
The search engine is powered by Falcon MalQuery, which CrowdStrike claims is more than 250 times faster than other malware search tools.
MalQuery has developed a patent-pending indexing technology that allows used to perform real time searching in a huge repository of threats events and malicious codes.
The company has indexed more than 700 million files totaling over 560 TB of malware and collected data related to 51 billion security events every day.
“This platform has grown to be the largest and most active repository of threat events and artifacts in the industry, indexing over 50 billion events per day and amassing a 560TB collection of 700 million files.” reads the announcement published by CrowdStrike.”CrowdStrike’s patent pending indexing technology makes all of this data available for real-time search. Organizations can now search for malware — both metadata and binary content — and get results from the Falcon platform in seconds.”
crowdstrike cybersecurity search engine
The users can query the system for plain text (ASCII and Unicode) or binary search (HEX) along with YARA-based queries.
The results are augmented “with CrowdStrike intelligence so the severity and context of the threat is clear.”

“Today’s threat landscape demands speed and precision – some of the best minds in cybersecurity are hampered by slow search tools and limited data sets. We believe that real-time data access is how cybersecurity professionals can get ahead of modern-day threats, and we’ve built the fastest AI-enabled platform that makes this possible,” said George Kurtz, CrowdStrike co-founder and CEO.
“With today’s launch, we are fundamentally changing the game by empowering threat researchers to outpace the adversary with this solution. CrowdStrike Falcon Search Engine enables the next-gen SOC to be more productive and acts as a powerful force multiplier for security teams,”
Recently the cyber security firm announced a partnership with security firm Dragos to provide cybersecurity services for industrial control systems (ICS).