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Katyusha Scanner, a new SQLi Vulnerability Scanner Available for $500 in the underground

Recorded Future security researchers have discovered a fully automated SQLi vulnerability scanner, dubbed Katyusha Scanner, on a hacking forum. The tool is offered for sale for just $500, it allows mass scans, simply managed from a smartphone through the Telegram messenger. The company, of course, reported the discovered to law enforcement.
The Katyusha Scanner appeared in the hacking underground in early April. It was developed starting from the Anarchi Scanner open source penetration testing tool and according to the researchers, it has already been updated seven times since its introduction
Actually, the Katyusha Scanner is offered under a Pro and a Lite version that go for between $250 and $500.
The Pro version leverages known exploits to hack into the system, once a SQL injection bug is found the tool notify it to the attacker via a text message that includes the site name, Alexa rating, and the number of available databases.
“On April 8, 2017, a Russian-speaking member of a top-tier hacking forum introduced “Katyusha Scanner,” the powerful and fully automated SQLi vulnerability scanner that utilizes the functionality of Telegram messenger and Anarchi Scanner, an open-source penetration testing tool.” states the blog post published by RecorderFuture.
The released product, coupled with outstanding support and frequent updates, immediately gained popularity and accolades of grateful clients for an intuitive and straightforward interface, as well as incredible performance.”
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Katyusha scanner
Researchers at Recorded Future reported that the seller is Russian speaking and is known in the hacking underground for selling data stolen from e-commerce websites. According to the experts, the forum where the tool is commercialized is frequented by top-tier Russian hackers.
An innovative feature implemented in the Katyusha Scanner allows crooks to upload a list of target websites and launch the concurrent attack against them simultaneously, seamlessly controlling the attack via Telegram.
The scanner is easy to use, the attackers only need set up a standard web server with the version of the Anarchi scanner that has been modified to allow the control of the operation through a linked Telegram account.
The attackers can control the attack using almost every mobile OS.
“Interestingly, the name Katyusha was not chosen by chance — it represents an iconic multiple rocket launcher, developed by the Soviet Union during World War II known for inflicting panic in Nazi forces with its stealthy and devastating attacks. Similar to the very lethal weapon conceived 70 years ago, Katyusha Scanner allows criminals to initiate large-scale penetration attacks against a massive number of targeted websites with several clicks using their smartphones.” continues the analysis.
The seller suggests starting with at least 500 target sites, attackers can issue commands to scan them for any known vulnerabilities. The Pro version also implements the capability of downloading any exfiltrated data available.
According to Recorded Future, at least 12/15 user have already purchased the tool, they were satisfied for the efficiency of the tool.
The potential scale of the attacks that the tool is able to power is worrisome.
“When dozens buy it and initiate attacks every day, the potential fallout will be significant,” Recorded Future director of advanced collection Andrei Barysevich said. “The scale of attacks which is available to criminals is quite unprecedented now. And the convenience of this; someone who wants to engage in this type of activity doesn’t have to be a hacker, he doesn’t have to know how certain tools operate or what exploit packs they should be using. The tool will do everything for them.”