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British model Chloe Ayling kidnapped by Black Death group for auction in the dark web

The 20-year-old British model Chloe Ayling was kidnapped in Milan, Italy, to be auctioned off on a pornographic website on the dark web. According to the declaration of the model to the Italian State Police, Chloe Ayling was assaulted, drugged, handcuffed and stuck in a travel bag.
Black Death Young-British-model-kidnapped-and-drugged-in-Milan 2
The model arrived in Milan on July 10 to have a photo shoot booked through her agent, but it was a trap.
When she walked into the apartment where the photo shoot was supposed to take place, at least two men assaulted her.
She was loaded into the trunk of a car and taken to a chalet in Lemie, a remote town in the Italian Alps, where she was kept handcuffed to a wooden chest of drawers in a bedroom for a week,
The Polish national Lukasz Herba (30),  who resides in the United Kingdom, was arrested on kidnapping charges on July 17 outside the British consulate in Milan while he was accompanying the woman.
Herba told her he had earned €15 million over five years of selling women, many of whom were sent to Arab countries.
The story is very strange, there are still unclear points, for example why Lukasz Herba decided to bring the model to the consulate.
According to the investigation, the man acted with the support of accomplices, he used an encrypted account to ask the model’s agent a $300,000 ransom worth of Bitcoin to halt the online auction from going ahead.
The man claims to be a member of the “the Black Death” group, an organization operating in the dark web involved in illegal trafficking and trading of illegal products, including drugs, weapons, and explosives.
Below the ‘Black Death’ full statement of British model’s release published by the Mirror:
“You are being released as a huge generosity from Black Death Group. Your release does, however, come with a warning and you should read this letter very carefully.You are certainly aware of your value on human slavery market (sic) and must make a note that this isn’t personal, this is business. For your release we have taken a number of factors into consideration.A mistake was made by capturing you, especially considering you are a young mother that should have in no circumstances be lured into kidnapping.Second important factor (sic) you are very well aware of is your overall protection by one of our main and very well respected men who made a very clear and solid stance in your case.You will, upon your landing in your home country cease any investigation activities related to your kidnapping. You also agreed to sneak a pre-determined set of information in to the media and we will expect to see evidence that has been done in the near future.
You have also agreed to pay outstanding costs of your release of $50,000. We expect that money to be paid in BitCoins within one month.” 
“Any sort of disobedience with the above will result in your elimination.”The Sunday Mirror has uncovered the British model’s Dark Web “advert” which includes a disconcerting image of Chloe Ayling dressed in just a velvet body suit, looking dazed and lying on the floor with her left breast exposed.
“The ad by Black Death Group – which refers to victims as “merchandise” – also features a series of horrifying promises about the women they traffic and a list of the woman’s personal details – including her dimensions.” continues The Mirror.
Black Death
A letter from the group which explains how the model was treated with “huge generosity” in being released (Image: Splash News)
The Black Death claims they can “kidnap a specific target for your needs” and assure free “EU delivery” of victims.
In 2015, the journalist Joseph Cox tried to infiltrate the group, he tried to buy a girl called ‘Nicole’ being advertised on their site.
Joseph discovered a link to Black Death website on the social media site Reddit, he emailed the group stating he was “interested in the girl”, adding he “wanted to see more photos first.”
Cox said the Black Death group replied with “Do not contact us just to ask questions”, followed up with “Who are you, how do you know about is? Who recommended us?” Cox received a list of detailed instructions for an online auction of girls in which he could view a live stream of them.
“After requesting to see the girls without offering any upfront payments, Joseph’s access was denied.”
The group continuously changes the address of their website in the dark web, according to Cox in the short time after he contacted Black Death, another girl was added to their website.
The crooks started a bid of $180,000, they included the high-quality images of the victims. The images contained no pieces of metadata, and a reverse image search did not return any results.
An adviser to from the National Crime Agency’s UK Human Trafficking Centre told Joseph Cox: “The dark web is not somewhere we can pick up a lot of stuff from.”
The adviser highlighted that there were a number of obvious differences between Black Death and other organized human trafficking groups selling men and women online.
Investigation is still ongoing in Italy, Poland, and UK.