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ShadowBrokers are back demanding nearly $4m and offering 2 dumps per month

The notorious group ShadowBrokers is back with announcing new interesting changes to their Dump Service.
The hackers published a new message on the Steemit platform announcing new changed to their service.
Missing theshadowbrokers? If someone is paying then theshadowbrokers is playing.
The hacker group made headlines in April after publicly leaking exploits allegedly stolen from the NSA-Linked group Equation Group.
The changes for the Dump Service included 2 dumps per month and the possibility to pay only with ZCash cryptocurrency:
  • Two dumps per month
  • Zcash only, no Monero, delivery email in encrypted memo field
  • Delivery email address clearnet only, recommend tutanota or protonmail, no need exchange secret, no i2p, no bitmessage, no zeronet
  • Previous dumps now available, send correct amount to correct ZEC address
  • September dumps is being exploit
Below the “price list” shared by the group, it includes old dumps and future dumps, from June 30 until November 15.
ShadowBrokers dump
The amount of money requested by ShadowBrokers is substantially increased compared to the initial demand of 100 ZEC (~24k USD) in June, when the hackers started their first monthly dump service. Now, the hackers are offering the exploits for 16,000 ZEC, which amounts to $3,914,080.

ShadowBrokers leaked the manual for the NSA exploit dubbed UNITEDRAKE, it is one of the implants used by the NSA’s elite hacking unit TAO (Tailored Access Operations).
According to the leaked manual, UNITEDRAKE implant is a “fully extensible remote collection system designed for Windows targets”.
Files, Signed Message, Manual to August Dump:


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