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Sunday, 21 April 2019

Matrix multiplication in Language C

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Matrix multiplication in C
Matrix multiplication in C language: C program to multiply two matrices (two-dimensional arrays) which will be entered by a user. The user will enter the order of a matrix and then its elements and similarly inputs the second matrix. If the orders of the matrices are such that they can't be multiplied by each other, then an error message is displayed. You may have studied the method to multiply matrices in Mathematics.

Matrix multiplication in C language


#include <stdio.h>

int main()
  int m, n, p, q, c, d, k, sum = 0;
  int first[10][10], second[10][10], multiply[10][10];

  printf("Enter number of rows and columns of first matrix\n");
  scanf("%d%d", &m, &n);
  printf("Enter elements of first matrix\n");

  for (= 0; c < m; c++)
    for (= 0; d < n; d++)
      scanf("%d", &first[c][d]);

  printf("Enter number of rows and columns of second matrix\n");
  scanf("%d%d", &p, &q);

  if (!= p)
    printf("The matrices can't be multiplied with each other.\n");
    printf("Enter elements of second matrix\n");

    for (= 0; c < p; c++)
      for (= 0; d < q; d++)
        scanf("%d", &second[c][d]);

    for (= 0; c < m; c++) {
      for (= 0; d < q; d++) {
        for (= 0; k < p; k++) {
          sum = sum + first[c][k]*second[k][d];

        multiply[c][d] = sum;
        sum = 0;

    printf("Product of the matrices:\n");

    for (= 0; c < m; c++) {
      for (= 0; d < q; d++)
        printf("%d\t", multiply[c][d]);


  return 0;


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