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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Turn Your Android Device Into Wireless computer Mouse || WIFI MOUSE APP...

Transform Your Android Device Into Wireless computer Mouse
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👋Hey Guys in this video
I am sharing a new app called wifi mouse.

Amazing Features

Besides basic input, one to four fingers could make multitouch getures control computer. Voice input replace typing text on Keyboard. With media controller you can relax on the sofa and control Netflix, Hulu, Spotify or YouTube in the comfort of your own home.
Convinence input

Mouse click and touchpad gestures. Simulate mouse movement, drag and drop, select text and so on.
Play controller

Control your media player, such as VLC, Quicktime, Spotify. Also control PPT presentation, internet exploers
Full screen QWERTY keyboard

Simulate real QWERTY keyboard, you can use it for input as real keyboard. Also combination keys, such as ALT+F4, CTRL+C.
Remote desktop

Log on your computer using this feature, you can control it as locally.
Game controller

This feature simluate joystick for controlling games running on PC/Mac.
Voice input

Using voice to text feature of input methods, this feature help you send text to your computer.

App Brief

Whatever there are some remote control apps, but no one has so many useful features. Your computer is only for display, using WiFi Mouse you can complet control your PC/Mac/Linux.

    Remote mouse,keyboaard and trackpad
    Support one to four fingers multi gestures
    Support Windows/OSX/Linux
    Easy to setup and use
    Creative UI Design
    Many features will comming soon


1, download WiFi Mouse app for Android/IOS.
2, Download mouse server for your computer.
3,Run them on your phone and computer.
Open source code for Linux, you can Download it


I hope you guys learn from this course and share it with everyone.



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