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Learning online is best option

Learn Hacking From below sites

Hacking Tech and Cyber News :- learn news of hacking here
FSU Offensive Computer Security Course –Offensive Computer Security Home Page (CIS 4930
Certification Exam Prep for IT Careers – This place has free practice tests. You can subscribe for money, but I would say its not really worth it. It was better when it was all free.
[PentesterLab] Learn Web Penetration Testing: The Right Way – Great place to lean Web Penetration testing.
CI CENTRE – The Center for Counterintelligence and Security Studies
OCW Electrical Engineering & CompSci Courses – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Codeacademy (Teaches how to code in many languages!)- Learn to code
W3schools (Another great site to learn programming languages) W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
RubyMonk (A gentle, interactive introduction to programming in Ruby) http://rubymonk.com/
Code.org: Anybody can Learn: Anybody can Learn (Great resource for children wanting to learn computer science!) – https:
Find below hacking software
https://www.defcon.org/ – The one and only crazy convention.
DerbyCon 6.0 Recharge – Although this is technically a City Con, this is the place all of the major InfoSec guys go to after DefCon to hang out in a family atmosphere.
Trust your Technolust – Hak5 is pretty well known for the Wifi Pineapple and USB Rubber ducky.
Lesley Carhart Blog – Hacks4Pancakes' tisiphone.net
Samy Kamkar Blog – samy kamkar - home
Raphael Mudge – Strategic Cyber LLC
Fernando Magro Blog – security | Fernando Magro Blog
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Google Hacking: